The Stamford Lincoln

“A gift in memory of Frank D. Rich 1894 to 1990, Citizen, Patriot, Veteran, and City Builder”

The Seated Lincoln donated by the Rich foundation and cast by Cavalier Galleries is located in Veterans Memorial Park, was dedicated July 11, 1995 and located on a granite platform.

The Stamford Lincoln is inspired by Gutzon Borglum’s Seated Lincoln which was displayed in Veterans Memorial Park in 1991. Borglum created his Lincoln in 1910 in Stamford at his studio on what is today Studio Road.

This spontaneous affection generated by the Seated Lincoln, as displayed in Veterans Memorial Park inspired Mayor Esposito, the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Special Services District to seek a permanent Stamford Lincoln in an appropriate setting.

John Blair, master sculptor and conservator, has responded with a model that portrays a compassionate and sensitive Lincoln which reinforces the commemorative aspect of the Park in paying homage to the dead of American’s wars. Lincoln being the most preeminent casualty of America’s greatest war. The low circular platform upon which Lincoln is seated invites the viewer to ascend a few steps to sit alongside and perhaps commune with Lincoln’s somber thoughts of the sacrifices of American heroes who died to ensure that succeeding generations benefit from the freedoms they fought for.

Of his model, John Blair has said, “In order to reinforce and complement the cenotaphic elements of Veterans Memorial Park, I have created the Stamford Lincoln with figure and pedestal as a unity. Given the community affection for the Borglum Lincoln, I have placed my version of Borglum’s masterpiece so as to emphasize the accessibility and thus the universality of Lincoln as a human being.”