Granite Pavers – Veterans Memorial Park

The Paver Donation Program is a wonderful way to honor, remember or thank a loved one, friend, service member, veteran or organization for their contribution in their service to our country.

Securing a custom engraved granite paver in Stamford Veterans Memorial Park will support the programs of SVPP and the  beautification, and maintenance of the park.

Please read all instructions and paver details carefully – symbols are considered one space and include: period, comma, dash, and a blank space. Engraved text will be centered on the pavers and written out in capital letters. If you would like pavers to be installed as a group, they must be secured in a group order. Emblems shown are representations and may appear slightly different on pavers. For custom emblem submission and questions, contact Colleen Harkey at 

Please allow an estimated 8 to 9 weeks for the engraving.

Click below to download a printable paver order form to submit your order and payment by mail. 

Payable to:  Stamford Veterans Park Partnership, Inc.
Mail to:  Stamford Veterans Park Partnership | 22 First Street | Stamford, CT 06905

Printable Granite Paver Form

Click below to upload your printable paver form and submit your order by credit card.

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