Nearly 40-ton monoliths moved in Stamford park

One of the more difficult early portions of a multimillion-dollar facelift to Veterans Memorial Park took place Wednesday afternoon as construction workers lifted and moved a 37.5-ton monoliths — one of four in the park — to higher ground…More

Press Release

Stamford Veterans Park Press Release

World War II mechanic leads Stamford’s Veterans Day parade

People in Stamford showed their appreciation on Veterans Day Sunday at the city’s annual parade. Hundreds lined the streets of downtown Stamford for this year’s Veterans Day Parade… More… Army aircraft mechanic and flight engineer Sgt. Ted Ogonek, 92, waves to the crowd as grand marshal in the annual Stamford Veteran’s Day Parade, commemorating 100 years since the end of WWI, in Stamford on Sunday…More

A duty to remember ‘The Great War’

Veterans Day should always be one of the most significant of this nation’s observances. It is the day when we pause and honor military veterans, the very people who have, throughout the history of our country, made great sacrifices to preserve our liberty and freedom…More